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Integrating Clem with Cursive

2020-01-17Daniel Manila

Clem is a program intended to make development with Clojure easier by helping explain Clojure’s sometimes cryptic error messages. It integrates with your REPL an uses an online database to attempt to find more human-friendly messages to explain your errors.

This post will go through the steps required to integrate Clem with Cursive.

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Installing Cursive IDE for Clojure

2019-09-27Daniel Manila

Cursive is an IDE built on top of IntelliJ that supports syntax highlighting, code completion, repl integration and other features for Clojure and ClojureScript. Unlike many other Clojure IDEs, it is comparatively simple to install and has ordinary GUI.

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A Clojure Tutorial

2019-09-26Daniel Manila

Did you know that there is a programming language that’s not only consistently enjoyable to use, but also amazingly productive—and which was the highest paying language according to the 2018 Stack Overflow developer survey? In this talk, Professor of the Practice and App Lab director Jeff Terrell introduces the programming language Clojure.

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How to install Clojure on Windows

2019-09-11Jeff Terrell

For reference, here is how we in the App Lab recommend installing Clojure. The official guide works great for MacOS and Linux users, but it currently has some confusing aspects for Windows users that are worth clarifying.

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Migrating HTML markup into code with Clojure and Hiccup

2018-09-29Jeff Terrell

In the previous post, I implemented a graphic design as HTML and CSS. But the HTML will need to vary depending on what’s being displayed. We could simply duplicate the page for every variation, but this is cumbersome and leads to brittleness. Instead, we want to transition the HTML markup to a more malleable medium: code.

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