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Meet the App Lab Staff!


Jeff Terrell

  • Computer Science Professor of the Practice

I hail from Texas and Arkansas, although I’ve been in this area of NC since I came here (to UNC-CS) for grad school in 2004. I’ve been a tech entrepreneur and “software craftsman” since I graduated in 2009, and I’m excited to share the software skills I’ve learned with you all in the App Lab. I have a lot of experience with web apps (and a little less with mobile apps), so I can help with many different kinds of things. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my family (including my 3 young kiddos), reading (usually something Christian/spiritual or SF), watching movies, and occasionally playing StarCraft 2.


Daniel Manila

  • Senior
  • Computer Science

I’m from Durham, North Carolina. I like reading books, playing games (especially strategy board games), and figuring out how to fix the newest problem with my Linux system. I enjoy solving new problems, so please throw any questions you have at me and I’ll do my best to help.


Lasya Pullakhandam

  • Senior
  • Computer Science major, Entrepreneurship minor

I’m from Cary, North Carolina. I enjoy listening to podcasts, reading books, and travelling. I have experience using HTML&CSS, React, and Swift to build mobile and web applications. I am super excited to be part of the App Lab and help students in whichever way I can!


Nate Fulmer

  • Senior
  • Computer Science major, Statistics minor

I’m from Atlanta, Georgia and my hobbies include reading, swimming, and letting my little siblings beat me at UNO. Some projects I’ve worked on before include C# .NET automated test development, JavaScript Node.js coding to build a web data connector between a REST API and Tableau, and python machine learning stuff (PyTorch, TensorFlow, etc). I’m looking forward to helping people with their projects!


Felipe Yanaga

  • Sophomore
  • Computer Science major

I am originally from Brazil - with Japanese descent, but I currently live in Cary, NC! I love to read and learn more about the things that I am interested in! Currently, those things are British literature and psychology! When it comes to CS, my favorite things to do are: developing life-changing apps and helping others build their own apps. Please come see me at the App Lab!


Lama Abed

  • Sophomore
  • Computer Science major.

Hey guys! I am Lama, but I go by Lia. I’m from Palestine, I enjoy painting and drawing and making creative content online. I have experiences in web development with HTML, CSS, and other coding languages such as Python and Java. I really love coming up with creative and seemingly impossible ideas then try to conduct them, and I am excited to hear about your amazing projects and be a part of your coding journey!



Nolan Scobie

  • Senior
  • Computer Science major

I’m from Asheville, NC. I like cooking, making things, and going to the river with my dog. I am mostly volunteering to help with Unity and AR/VR development, but am happy to try and help with anything!


Jiayi Xu

  • Junior
  • Computer Science & Psychology

I am from Shanghai, China. I am a volunteer of AR/VR help session at APP Lab and outreach lead of CARVR. I have experience in VR development with Unity and Unreal, and mobile AR app with various tool kits. I am familiar with C#, Java, C++ and Python. I like reading, calligraphy, and travelling.


Husam Shaik

I am from Charlotte, NC and like to spend my time exploring a lot of hobbies from reading and video games to painting and making weird apps. I am also very involved in the AR/VR and am excited to see how our lives will change as the technology becomes more main stream. Looking forward to seeing you at the App Lab !!!