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How to build an app: an overview

I gave a talk last fall titled ‘How to Build Your Killer App’ as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. It was an overview of the entire process of building an app, intended for non-technical people who aren’t necessarily interested in learning how to code. I published my notes from the talk, which are a good read to understand the whole process and get pointers to additional resources.

Here’s the description I wrote for the talk:

If you’re working to develop an entrepreneurial idea or venture, you have to keep the modern mode of life in mind: we’re online, on the go, all the time. That means that the ability to build a mobile or web app has become critical to supporting your entrepreneurial endeavors. Come hear Jeff Terrell, a UNC-Chapel Hill alumnus, entrepreneur and computer science professor of the practice, walk you through a beginner’s guide on how to build an app, including:

  • The lifecycle of an app.
  • Designing an app.
  • The parts of an app.
  • Choosing a technology to use.
  • Finding and working with developers.

If you want to read more, check out my notes.