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Implementing a graphic design in HTML and CSS

A common scenario professional web developers encounter is getting a graphic design and needing to implement it as a web page in HTML and CSS. I encountered this scenario with the Clem project, and I captured about 2 hours of video capturing my (unrehearsed) attempt to solve it.

If you don’t know HTML and CSS, these videos might be a good way to get a feel for what they are and how they’re used. It’s not a tutorial on these topics, however, so you’ll have to go elsewhere for a deeper dive. Here are some example resources, none of which I’ve thoroughly vetted but which I’m acquainted with:

If you do know HTML and CSS to some extent, I expect that these videos will help solidify the knowledge you have and give you some useful techniques for setting up fast feedback loops and implementing a graphic design.

You can find the videos on YouTube:

There’s also a followup post (and video) in which I convert the HTML document into Clojure code for use with Hiccup.